Christmas is fast approaching..

Not long now until Christmas. I’m finding it hard this year to get in to the mood, so much is going on at work and I have reached a point where I am experiencing stress properly for the first time. By this I mean, like every man and his dog, we have stress in our lives, but I manage it differently by always being ultra happy (and annoying every body). This year I find the stress levels have reached a new high, which is causing what I can only guess to be a lack of the happy chemicals that normally party inside my body.

I am by no means down in the dumps, but not as happy as I would like to be. Some times I think living a basic life would be a happier one as a wonderer dependant of the kindness or strangers or a test pilot on a one way trip to any earth like plant. Joking..

Anyway.. end of my rant. My main reason for this post is to let everyone know that I am going to try may hardest go get some videos out over Christmas while the family sleeps off the turkey. I do need a break but a change of action and a few videos would be me some good.

Tutorial videos

A few people have been asking me if I would do some kind of class covering basic computer skills. I am no teacher, but I have bowed to the pressure and agreed to do a few videos for YouTube covering user selected topics.

I currently have a list which I am going to pick from submitted my some of my customers and people that I have worked for and with in the past. If the videos do turn out to be any good, I might even do more.

Stay tuned and watch my channel at: for more update.
Once I get a good headset, I will get the first video up before the end of the month. Just need to decide on a subject from the list.

If you would like to suggest a subject, send me an email of catch me on Twitter (@DeltaWolf7).

Dead.. Me… No..

The rumours of me being dead are greatly exaggerated..
I am live and well. In fact the whole reason I have not been doing much intendant work is due to the fact I have been working my socks off for a few different projects, that are not my own.

Fact is being a director of a company has also taken me from my norm to a faster paced life style.

I will endeavour to continue to try and maintain this site and show case some of the new and exciting stuff I have been working on.