Still around..

Hello everyone.

I’m still alive and well, but very busy. I am still answering ever one of your emails and still solving all those issues you lovely people bring me..

Anyway, that aside. I have decided to release a lot of my source code. I am doing this because I know I have been ignoring my project. So this will better benefit everyone and maybe ever speed up development. All code will be free to do what you like with as long as credit to given.

I will upload my projects soon to a good open source repo shortly. This time I mean it…

Starting to get sorted again

I’m back from the dead once again.. Mhahahaha.

But really. I am working on a new application which will benefit small to medium size companies manage their business. More to come soon, also this will be my first paid app.

Moving house

I have moved house, so thing are going to be much slower than normal. Stay turned while I am reconnected with the world wide web.