MassMail Version Released

Another version of MassMail has hit the public domain today. *.2.4 fixes some of those annoyances from the previous versions.

Here are the highlights:-

 – Restored Windows shortcuts.
  – Added embedded content items to menu for quick use.
  – moved some controls on main form.
  – Removed context menu from editor.
  – Fixed log windows location.
  – Converted Version.txt to Windows native format.

Download it at:

Supporting the little guy

I read an atricle in the paper today that I feel very strongly about.

I fully agree that there is too much dog poo in the streets today in Wakefield.

“I have had problems with both cats and dogs fouling in and around my garden. The cats were sorted out reasonably quickly.
A scattering of orange peel ensured that they did not return, but the dogs are another matter.
With the government constantly going on about the increasing levels of obesity in children, I try to keep my four-year-old daughter active by walking to and from school with her.”

Read more :

MassMail Version Released

I have just completed another change to MassMail.

The new version has support for embedded content, a feature suggested by Andrea in Milan, Italy.
– Added support for embedded content.
– Fixed a bug causing progress box to cover messages.

Another Good Way To Test Your Sites

Here is a good way for you to test your websites on different browsers and under different platforms.

Cross Browser Testing allows it’s users to connect to remote computers and actually test your website on different platforms and browsers.

You can test your site on Windows 98 and XP, OS X, Linux and with a host of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Site Theme

I have put the site theme back to the old one for now. Seems the new one had some problems with posts and long titles.

XOStore Xml Based Database Engine

I have been working on a new database engine done using Xml. The new engine which I have named XOStore, which is short for Xml Object Storage allows .NET developers to store objects and their states to disk.

This system means you can save an object to your hard drive and later load if over a LAN or any media as it was.

I plan to release the preview version soon to collect feedback.

Windows Mobile Specialist Certification

Today I completed the Microsoft Windows Mobile Specialist Certification for 2009. I have had both 2007 and 2008 in the past.

It’s not the hardest test you can take. You only really need to have done the courses, which take about 15min each to get to grips with new features in Windows Mobile 6.1 and the new devices currently supporting it.

Yay me anyway..

I am also thinking about doing my first exam towards my MCAD qualification this year. More news to come of the progress of that.

BT Broadband Customers: DNS Issue

We have had multiple reports of customers being unable to access their websites on several different servers, the common thing between all of the reports has been that the customer’s ISP was BT. We have found all customers reporting a problem have been able to access their website via proxy servers, such as

It appears BTs DNS servers are proving information that is over 72 hours old, and due to some work carried out over the weekend on our DNS this is meaning some users are unable to access our servers. A solution can be found by using OpenDNS – – which bypasses BT’s faulty DNS system allowing you to load sites as normal.

Feel free to open a ticket about this issue if you need help with the workaround.