My first ever Android game

I have just released my first ever Android game. It takes the now missed Flappy Birds run style game and recreates it with a fish.

I originally wasn’t going to release the game for public use, but a number of friends wanted it and it seemed the easiest way to manage the updates.

I am planning to add Google Game integration for leader boards in the future and increasing level of difficulty.

You can get it here free:

Let me know what you think and I will continue to improve the game and add my own original spins.

Tutorial videos

A few people have been asking me if I would do some kind of class covering basic computer skills. I am no teacher, but I have bowed to the pressure and agreed to do a few videos for YouTube covering user selected topics.

I currently have a list which I am going to pick from submitted my some of my customers and people that I have worked for and with in the past. If the videos do turn out to be any good, I might even do more.

Stay tuned and watch my channel at: for more update.
Once I get a good headset, I will get the first video up before the end of the month. Just need to decide on a subject from the list.

If you would like to suggest a subject, send me an email of catch me on Twitter (@DeltaWolf7).