PS3 GhostBusters: The Video Game

Here’s one I think everyone has been waiting for.

The events of the game occur during Thanksgiving 1991, two years after the events in Ghostbusters II. A new recruit to the Ghostbusters operation is brought on board to help test new proton pack equipment; due to the high risk, Dr. Peter Venkmen insists that the recruit be only named as “Rookie” to avoid developing any personal affection. As Ray introduces the Rookie to the rest of the team, a large-scale PKE shockwave ripples through the city and frees Slimer who flees back to the Sedgewick Hotel where he was first caught. The Ghostbusters are able to recapture the ghost along with several others that have recently appeared, but upon leaving the hotel discover that the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is ravaging Times Square. As they fight the giant creature, they find he has been following a woman, Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, a museum curator in charge of the Gozer exhibit, and Drs. Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz suspect a connection between her and the ghost appearances. After destroying Stay-Puft, the Ghostbusters try to deduce Ilyssa’s connection, but are cautioned by Walter Peck, now head of the Paranormal Contract Oversight Committee (P-COC), and Mayor Jaques Mulligan about causing too much damage to the city.

The game delivers high impact fun, with an easy to pickup control interface similar to other first person shooters.

The experiance is a fun one, however the game is not very long but does leave it open at the end for another game or maybe a movie.

Multiplay is not without it charm, although the match making interface is a little less professional, the multiplay experiance is a good one. One thing I will say that sucks though, is the lack of PlayStation Network support, but this I mean the multiplay part of the game can’t access your friends list, which means you have to add each person to your in game friend list manually.


PS3 Dead Space (Electronic Arts)

The story starts with the player taking on the role of Isaac Clarke an engineer aboard the star ship Kellion. Your destination is the damage stricken USG Ishimura. Upon docking with the Ishmura, the Kelion takes damage forcing your team to board the mining ship.

Once aboard you and your team quickly find out nothing is what it seems.

From mad scientists to horrific creatures, this game has a good story and a creative use of the game environment. Although the game does have some minor problems with large monsters and small corridors, the general game play works very well.
You will get to experience zero g, where you can leap from wall to wall and even wall to most other surfaces and oxygen-less environments, where it feels like time is standing still..

This game has an interesting array of weapons. Unlike your normal shotgun or automatic, Dead Space gives you access to weapons that would seem to be more closely related to engineering tools. Infact there are six weapons in total, ranging from the Plasma Cutter to the Supercollider Contact Beam, each offer its own unique way to dismember your enemy limb by limb. These mining tools will help you survive the horror.

One of the other parts of the games has a flavour similar to System Shock 2, where the player can use workbenches to make upgrades to weapons and the players rig (Space suit), using power nodes to make the connections to improve HP, Damage, etc. This sort of node system is similar to that also found in Bioshock.

This game also offer a unique HUD (Heads Up Display), rather then having bars or information running round the edges of the screen, the player himself, or at least the rig shows the players health (running down spin), power (to the right) and oxygen (displayed as required).
Ammo is also displayed on the weapon themselves making for a truly full screen horror.

All in the game is very good, if a little slow at times.