Linux – now for hardcore Windows users

That’s right, you read it correctly.
Actually, its a headline I noticed popping up at the moment.
It seems that a few tech sites have just realised you can use the live CD part of Linux to make repairs to  Windows.

I have been carrying a live disk in my bag of tricks for about ten years now. I have removed thousands of forgotten Windows passwords, backed up thousands of terabytes of data, check many a hard disk and RAM.
Not only that but some viruses can screw up the partitions of a disk which can prevent recover from Windows media. Well Linux booted and the partitions where removed and the drive cleaned.

Point is, if your not already carrying this magic tool. Get yourself over to Ubuntu’s website or a derivative and grab yourself a live disk.
Its free and can save millions of hours in time.

Christmas is fast approaching..

Not long now until Christmas. I’m finding it hard this year to get in to the mood, so much is going on at work and I have reached a point where I am experiencing stress properly for the first time. By this I mean, like every man and his dog, we have stress in our lives, but I manage it differently by always being ultra happy (and annoying every body). This year I find the stress levels have reached a new high, which is causing what I can only guess to be a lack of the happy chemicals that normally party inside my body.

I am by no means down in the dumps, but not as happy as I would like to be. Some times I think living a basic life would be a happier one as a wonderer dependant of the kindness or strangers or a test pilot on a one way trip to any earth like plant. Joking..

Anyway.. end of my rant. My main reason for this post is to let everyone know that I am going to try may hardest go get some videos out over Christmas while the family sleeps off the turkey. I do need a break but a change of action and a few videos would be me some good.

Tutorial videos

A few people have been asking me if I would do some kind of class covering basic computer skills. I am no teacher, but I have bowed to the pressure and agreed to do a few videos for YouTube covering user selected topics.

I currently have a list which I am going to pick from submitted my some of my customers and people that I have worked for and with in the past. If the videos do turn out to be any good, I might even do more.

Stay tuned and watch my channel at: for more update.
Once I get a good headset, I will get the first video up before the end of the month. Just need to decide on a subject from the list.

If you would like to suggest a subject, send me an email of catch me on Twitter (@DeltaWolf7).

Dead.. Me… No..

The rumours of me being dead are greatly exaggerated..
I am live and well. In fact the whole reason I have not been doing much intendant work is due to the fact I have been working my socks off for a few different projects, that are not my own.

Fact is being a director of a company has also taken me from my norm to a faster paced life style.

I will endeavour to continue to try and maintain this site and show case some of the new and exciting stuff I have been working on.

Still around..

Hello everyone.

I’m still alive and well, but very busy. I am still answering ever one of your emails and still solving all those issues you lovely people bring me..

Anyway, that aside. I have decided to release a lot of my source code. I am doing this because I know I have been ignoring my project. So this will better benefit everyone and maybe ever speed up development. All code will be free to do what you like with as long as credit to given.

I will upload my projects soon to a good open source repo shortly. This time I mean it…