My Move To Linux

Jan 29, 2014

So, I have decided that I want to move to Linux.. Why! What do you mean why? OK, lets start at the beginning.

First off, I don’t care who makes my OS as long as the operating system is solid and does what I need. I don’t favour Windows, Linux or any other version or subversion of UNIX, etc. Any, I have been in IT professionally for more than 14 years at this stage. I have tried and tested many operating systems and every version or everything. You may or may not of guessed but I do a lot of testing in my chosen career.

Why Linux? Well to be honest the only reason I run Windows (Currently Windows 8.1) is because I play games and I depend on Visual Studio. But here’s the stinger, at least for Microsoft. Steam, who I have all my games with are going Linux too, this should mean that developers start giving Linux access to the same library. Although I might still need to keep a Windows box alive or dual boot for some unported games, to be honest should I care?

Here’s what started my move.

VirtualBox.. That’s right, well partly right.

You see with VirtualBox I can have a virtual Windows with Visual Studio running. I would have preferred to run it in WINE but its not possible. This covers my C# work and before you ask, yes I did try the Mono IDE but found it very poor in comparison.

But C# aside, the other more important thing I want from my computer is no crap and 100% customisation. That’s why I run Android on my phone. Its pure and I have no manufacturers app and full root access. Anyway back to my point.
I want to have my desktop built the way I work, I don’t want to have to learn to work in the mind of someone else, the computer should work for me not the other way.

Anyway less or a rant, I have decided to jump to Xubuntu as my distro of choice. I have gone this way because it offered the best desktop environment, in my opinion.  Why you ask, well for me I wanted stream line. I might have huge amounts of power in my rig and more RAM than most, but I still don’t want to waste everything on the OS.
Out of 16gb with Xubuntu I have about a gig in use. I could make it less, but I have everything just the way I like it.

I have customised my desktop and everything about it.

Apr 32, 2014

So its been nearly four months now since the move. I have to admit at this stage that although my love for Linux exists, its now slowing me down.

This in mind I have gone completely over to Windows 8.1 and to be honest it feels so much more polished and the speed on my rig is incredible. One of my main reasons for the switch back come from the built in support for RAID in Linux. You see I set up a RAID array for performance using the fakeRaid supported by my motherboard. Installation went well, but the boot loader was the biggest pain in the ass and I ended up giving up. So I turned off the fakeRaid in the BIOS and tried with a softRaid setup provided by the OS.

This was worse. Installation went fine and then the reboot came and the whole lot was unbootable. At this stage it was late and I just didn’t want to go through it all again.

Days later I did get it working, but the Nvidia drivers for my video card where being a total pain. They where working, then after an update, just black. I tried everything and they just didn’t want to play. Even tried switch to plain Debain, which failed with the same issue.

Computers are here to help and to improve what we do. If I have to spend hours and hours to do basic things then something is not right. I know I am no Linux expert, but I know my way around computers and Linux needs polish.

Maybe future versions will improve this, but right now it a deal breaker for me.

So, I am in full swing with Windows 8.1 and with the latest updates, the OS is better than ever. I have removed all the tiles from the Metro interface and use it as a glorified start menu for true applications. I don’t see the need for tiles, I don’t want huge amounts of information from social media, email, the news and other sources hitting me every time I hit the Windows key.

So good by tiles and hello icons.