Help! I think I’m addicted

No really. I play Tower Defense game of all type, shapes and aims, but this one stands out.

The game has the same objective as any tower defense. Protect the town, structure, object, person or whatever from the onslaught of the invading enemy.
This game offers a spin on the tower defense line up by including a more involved form of getting new technology. From research facilities to power stations, you get to control more that just mindless tower planting.
The graphics in this game are very good and the game play in general is well though out. If you enjoy tower defense then I think you would like this one. Another good feature worth mentioning is the difficulty. Although the game only has ‘Easy’ and ‘Normal’ both modes are very well balanced.

This tower defense was created by the guy’s and gal’s over a Summer Sun Games.

Attack of the Furries

Why not go on over and PLAY

TransACTION Progress

The rewrite of TransACTION is coming along great. I am nearing a point where I will soon have a release version.

At the moment I am toying with the idea of using the Null Soft Installation System for future releases.

MassMail V1.0.0.24975 Released

  – Moved disclaimer to show on new projects only.
  – Changed all icons, much cleaner look.
  – Chnaged interface font, easier to read.
  – Added function to check for updates.
  – Added attachments feature.
  – Added shortcut keys to some features.
  – Added send mail error handling (logs to file).
  – Fixed subscribe calculations.

First Day of Autumn 2008

It’s the first day of Autumn 2008, I know the Summer hasn’t been the greatest but we are British… Which means we will complain no matter what the weather.

Anyway, I am working of complete TransACTION. I expect to have a new release this week.


Version is now live. I have fixed a typo in the standing order/direct debit system that caused it not to save.
I am working on improving the direct debit system to feature a more variable structure, mimicking real life direct debits.


TransACTION is now out to the public. You can download it under the software section.
This nice little application allows you to manage your personal finance from a simple, easy to understand interface.

Download: Here

Site bug fixed

I have fixed a small javascript bug on the site that prevented Internet Explorer users viewing the site correctly.

Everything should be fine now.