MassMail helps maintain and send newsletters and other types of bulk email. Using your own domain or email providers details you can create and send your own newsletters with ease.
The current version supports mutiple projects, subscribers and importing and exporting of html for use within other editors.

This application requires the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0, Sql Server 2005 or newer and a valid email provider.

Current Version
[download#19] (Please report all problem with the beta using the contact form)

Previous Versions



Revision History BETA 3
  – Fixed a startup bug where no database is selected.
  – Started optimizing the user interface. (added send button)
  – Fixed a bug in the send mail function causing multi messages.
  – Fixed a bug in recipient management, crash when no recipients exist.
  – Fixed a bug that caused group names to be duplicated.
  – Fixed a bug that caused invalid servers to be saved.
  – Fixed converter issue with groups not saving. BETA 2
  – Improved coversion tool.
  – Fixed group selection in conversion tool.
  – Added database update function.
  – Added database versioning.
  – Executable signing (prevent fake versions). BETA 1
  – Massive overhaul in the core department.
  – New Sql backend rather than Xml for better speeds with large databases.
  – Intergrated Html editor.
  – Intergrated Sql server manager (Delta.SqlTools).
  – New log system.
  – Restored Windows shortcuts.
  – Added embedded content items to menu for quick use.
  – moved some controls on main form.
  – Removed context menu from editor.
  – Fixed log windows location.
  – Converted Version.txt to Windows native format.
 – Added log support to send operations.
 – Added save function to log dialog.
 – Added size limit to log dialog.
  – Added support for embedded content.
  – Fixed a bug causing progress box to cover messages.
  – Added group check to import recipients.
  – Added group check to export recipients.
  – Added check to remove recipient.
  – Switch to release to omit debug information.
  – Added resizing, maximizing, minimizing to recpients manager.
  – Added edit recipient feature to recipient manager.
  – Altered treeview in recipients manager to automatically expand the whole tree.
  – Added message to function of the recipients manager.
  – Improved some error messages.
  – Added group check for move recipient.
  – Added new server manager with multi server support.
  – Increased the size of the subject field.
  – Removed Subscribe/Unsubscribe buttons.
  – Added new recipients/group management system.
  – Reduced input size in server settings dialog to 100.
  – Improved recipient handling across projects.
  – Improved server support across projects
  – Added support for project file associations.
  – Added command line support for loading projects.
  – Improved error handling of project loading.
  – Moved disclaimer to show on new projects only.
  – Changed all icons, much cleaner look.
  – Chnaged interface font, easier to read.
  – Added function to check for updates.
  – Added attachments feature.
  – Added shortcut keys to some features.
  – Added send mail error handling (logs to file).
  – Fixed subscribe calculations.
  – Fixed the import always throwing an exception.
  – Added seperator options to import and export.
  – Export now has include titles option.
  – Added official disclaimer.
   – Fix a text bug under XP causing text to go off screen.
   – Initial release