MassMail V2.0.0.2 Beta 3 Released BETA 3
  – Fixed a startup bug where no database is selected.
  – Started optimizing the user interface. (added send button)
  – Fixed a bug in the send mail function causing multi messages.
  – Fixed a bug in recipient management, crash when no recipients exist.
  – Fixed a bug that caused group names to be duplicated.
  – Fixed a bug that caused invalid servers to be saved.
  – Fixed converter issue with groups not saving.


MassMail Coming Soon

Soon I will be releasing MassMail V2. The new version has had a full overhaul. From Html editors, to better recipient handling MassMail V2 has it all.

Here is a taste of things to come.

MassMail V2 Taste

XOStore Xml Based Database Engine

I have been working on a new database engine done using Xml. The new engine which I have named XOStore, which is short for Xml Object Storage allows .NET developers to store objects and their states to disk.

This system means you can save an object to your hard drive and later load if over a LAN or any media as it was.

I plan to release the preview version soon to collect feedback.

MassMail Released
  – Added group check to import recipients.
  – Added group check to export recipients.
  – Added check to remove recipient.
  – Switch to release to omit debug information.
  – Added resizing, maximizing, minimizing to recpients manager.
  – Added edit recipient feature to recipient manager.
  – Altered treeview in recipients manager to automatically expand the whole tree.
  – Added message to function of the recipients manager.
  – Improved some error messages.
  – Added group check for move recipient.

XP Hidden Application Interface

Back by popular demand. It would seem that Magnesium Media Ltd produced a magazine that contained my XP Hidden Application Interface on the cover disc. In light of this many people have emailed me asking where they could get the program due to it not being listed on my site and hard to find online.

Well I have done as you all have requested. You can now download XP Hidden Application Interface again.

Download: Here

Magazine: View PC Utilities Issue 78