Linux Commands (From Emails)

A quick one that has been coming up a lot via email. This is for those just learning Linux and trying out the Raspberry Pi.


How do I rename a folder or file in Linux from the command line?


The command ‘mv’ can move files and folders, this includes changing their┬ánames.


How do I change directory from the Linux shell?

Same as in DOS/Windows, use the ‘cd’ command. Linux also allow ‘..’ to go back a directory and ‘~’ to return home.


How do I know what folder I am in?

The command ‘pwd’ command is your friend. It stands for ‘Print Working Directory’.


Why doesn’t ‘LS’ or ‘DIR’ work?

Commands in Linux (*nix) are case sensitive, try lower case. You can also use ‘ll’ which also lists aliases.

Another Good Way To Test Your Sites

Here is a good way for you to test your websites on different browsers and under different platforms.

Cross Browser Testing allows it’s users to connect to remote computers and actually test your website on different platforms and browsers.

You can test your site on Windows 98 and XP, OS X, Linux and with a host of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.