Yes, still here..

Hello everyone,

Yes I’m still here, alive and well. Please excuse my absence.
We have a new baby girl in the house, a new house to complete and a  mother in law always using to much of her mouth.

I will be continuing to develop MassMail and the other projects I have under way shortly. Please bare with me.
I have also started work on a few Android projects, soon to hit the Android market.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me the lovely emails and comments. I always read and reply to everyone.

Thank you for your patience

MassMail V2.0.0.2 Beta 3 Released BETA 3
  – Fixed a startup bug where no database is selected.
  – Started optimizing the user interface. (added send button)
  – Fixed a bug in the send mail function causing multi messages.
  – Fixed a bug in recipient management, crash when no recipients exist.
  – Fixed a bug that caused group names to be duplicated.
  – Fixed a bug that caused invalid servers to be saved.
  – Fixed converter issue with groups not saving.


MassMail Version BETA 2

Beta 2 is now available. The new version has some minor fixes and an extended version of the conversion tool. BETA 2
  – Improved coversion tool.
  – Fixed group selection in conversion tool.
  – Added database update function.
  – Added database versioning.
  – Executable signing (prevent fake versions).

MassMail V2.0.0.0 BETA 1 Released

That’s it.. it’s gone public. the first BETA release of MassMail

You can download MassMail here.

Please keep in mind this is a beta and bugs maybe present. On that note, please make sure you report all bugs, requests, anything to me using the contact me form.
I have also included a tool to convert you old MassMail data to the new Sql Server format.


This easter weekend I plan to release a beta version of MassMail, to test out publicly the new features and to get feedback on the work so far.

Still alive…

I am still alive, just busy getting on with the normal day to day. Not had any time for projects as of late.
Maybe soon I will start up again and finish MassMail and add host edit back to the site.

MassMail Coming Soon

Soon I will be releasing MassMail V2. The new version has had a full overhaul. From Html editors, to better recipient handling MassMail V2 has it all.

Here is a taste of things to come.

MassMail V2 Taste

MassMail Version Released

Another version of MassMail has hit the public domain today. *.2.4 fixes some of those annoyances from the previous versions.

Here are the highlights:-

 – Restored Windows shortcuts.
  – Added embedded content items to menu for quick use.
  – moved some controls on main form.
  – Removed context menu from editor.
  – Fixed log windows location.
  – Converted Version.txt to Windows native format.

Download it at: