SmartGas / TransACTION

TransACTION has now been put on hold for a few days while I complete part of another project called SmartGas.

SmartGas is an application for Windows designed for Gas Service Engineers. More details to follow once more of the work is complete.

TransACTION Progress

The rewrite of TransACTION is coming along great. I am nearing a point where I will soon have a release version.

At the moment I am toying with the idea of using the Null Soft Installation System for future releases.

First Day of Autumn 2008

It’s the first day of Autumn 2008, I know the Summer hasn’t been the greatest but we are British… Which means we will complain no matter what the weather.

Anyway, I am working of complete TransACTION. I expect to have a new release this week.


Version is now live. I have fixed a typo in the standing order/direct debit system that caused it not to save.
I am working on improving the direct debit system to feature a more variable structure, mimicking real life direct debits.


TransACTION is now out to the public. You can download it under the software section.
This nice little application allows you to manage your personal finance from a simple, easy to understand interface.

Download: Here